With Raypack A.I. compression technologie we support one Video format for all plattforms. With an native Player Codec library, written in plain Javascript, the whole Raypack decoder has an filesize of only 100 KB. No flash player is required at all!

Technical Information about this Demo.

We encode the video in 4 qualities with our ARM low power encoder. We adapt then our adaptive sharpness filter which allows to detect the reduction loss of sharpness from the original video under the condition of the scale factor. In H.264 we can adjust the sharpness in a small vector of marco-blocks which will improve the quality a lot against normal H.264 Encodings (even when you use x264).

In H.265, we can adjust this sharpness in every slice. A the end we use a 3 Pass round to get the best quality, even in low profiles. To reduce the load on our servers, we encode all files in a single file and add a playlist with byte-range. This is very important for load BUSY CPU cycles which reduces the load and request time on the server where the client has much faster video delivery. Another benefit of this technology is the seeking speed, cause with Raypack Container we can step thru the file much faster, sometime much faster then on our local drive. The icing on the cake is the Rapack Container format, where we pack all JS,CSS in realtime in one static HTML file. If you want to see this, open the source code of this demo. Enjoy!!

For more information, visit:
Connectlounge Video Page