With our Raypack® Artificial Intelligence we offer affordable visual recognition API for developers and businesses. Using Raypack A.I. solutions, you are now able to  analyze your videos, images, PDF or any other data you want to train. It´s working in our cloud or in-house in your own private network.
Small and Mid caps in Germany print out millions of documents. Every day. More than 50 million documents each month for tax report, correspondences, bills etc. To “digitalize” all this, the documents where scanned to pdf. But: How to identify these documents? How to find them after a few months? How to use the content inside the documents? Solution: With A.I. ,better known as Deep Learning.

Lets take a look:

On the left you see our CEO, Anja in a article from the german Handelsblatt magazin. As you can see, this is an image contains text and one image. We scanned this article with our hardware scanner without getting any information about text or what items or interesting objects are in the article as well.


How can Raypack® A.I. help now?


The first thing that Raypack is doing here is extracting the text elements. In right screenshot shows how Raypack detects all text boxes of the article automatically.


After the detection process Raypack understands that some boxes contains typos and that there is one box that includes Anja as a foto item. The detection process show that in this box it is a woman, that the dominant colors are brown, that the foto is a portrait photo as well that there are clothes inside. Raypack also generates a unique fingerprint of all defined boxes so that the metadata can be reconstructed of the image when the image moves from the storage folder or when there is maybe data loss. This is so important for deep learning and Raypack at first offers intelligent fingerprinting for A.I. The fingerprinting also protects the image for data manipulation.

All these informations are stored as none proprietary format, currently in  a JSON object which an be imported in nearly any database or Content management system.

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